Mary (inmyskirt) wrote in gw_100,

Justice Wins The Heart

Rating: G
Word Count: 103 (this is the first time I've ever gone over! *gasp*)
Pairing(s): HeeroxRelena, DuoxHilde, TrowaxCathrine, QuatrexDorothy, WufeixSally Po, WufeixMeiran (ALL HET! X_X I...either don't do a pairing or go for a yaoi/yuri one!)

To adore someone was to love them in a rapturous way, much like the way Relena felt towards Heero.

Hilde adored Duo as he adored her.

Cathrine adored Trowa as he adored her.

Dorothy adored Quatre as he adored her.

Who adored Wufei? Sally Po did.

Who did Wufei adore? Sally Po...and Meiran.

Who was it, that he adored most?

This was a debate within his mind, as his heart didn't want to put either before the other.

He couldn't adore Sally Po more than Meiran. She wasn't the one who inspired Justice within him.

Wufei adored Meiran more than Sally Po.

(EDIT:Sorry for the numbers.)
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