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gw_100's Journal

Gundam Wing 100
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This community was created for those with a love of Gundam Wing, a love of writing fiction, but are too lazy to write huge involved stories!
The aim:
To get more people writing about Gundam Wing and to keep the fandom alive!
To give people something fun and interesting to do with their time.

Challenges will be issued every Monday and you will have till the following Monday to get your entries in!



The Drabble:

At the top of your drabble please include rating, paring, and word count (if you go under or over 100) like so:

Word Count:

Put the title in the subject line. Also, we are using the conventional gwing number/initial-system for pairings. If you have an original character, use OC. If it's a manga or lesser known canon character, you might want to use their full initials and/or name. Also, if it's a crossover drabble, also put "Crossed With:" at the top of the post

Other Information:

A drabble is 100 words. To quote from wednesday100 "It's a practice in discipline, people." This is a drabble community, try to keep as close to 100 words as possible. If your drabble is part of a larger fic, you can put a link to that fic in your entry.

All pairings and all ratings are acceptable, if you feel the need to use cut tags because of high rating or squickable situations, please do.

And you MUST be a member of the community to post.


~ Everything is welcome — het, slash or gen.

~ Challenges are closed and new ones opened on Mondays.
Please read each challenge carefully.

~ All drabbles must be 100 words.

~ There is no limit to the number of drabbles you may post per week.

~ If your drabble contains sensitive or explicit material, squick or character death, it must be behind cut tags.

~ Challenges will be stored in the Memories section after each challenge is closed.

~ Please Do Not Post Fiction that is not a response to the current challenge or any fic that isn’t 100 words long. Though if you have a sequel to your gw_100 response, or if your response is part of a series, you may edit your response to add links to any associated fic.

~ New challenge topics can be suggested or in the closing out post on Sunday or by sending an e-mail to the community maintainers: Foxxie(foxreed2000@yahoo.com)

Flaming is not allowed nor will be tolerated.