Naoe Nagi (nagi_schwarz) wrote in gw_100,
Naoe Nagi

Stalker; Date Night; Reviresco

Title: Stalker
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Pairing/Characters: RP, DC
Challenge: Capture

Grocery shopping. At lunch with Wufei. Arguing with the laundry clerk at the dry-cleaning store. Moments upon moments captured on film and covering every available surface.

Relena tested her bonds and the weight of the chair. Could she scoot it toward the door? Those black-masked men would be back at any moment. She would throw herself on the nearest sharp, pointy object and let herself die before she gave up Heero’s location.

The door swung open.

“It’s been so long, Miss Relena.”

That voice sent whispers of horror down her spine.

Blonde hair, wicked smile.

“Dorothy. You’re alive.”

Title: Date Night
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Pairing/Characters: Preventer!Wufei, OFC
Challenge: Capture

Trapped. Cornered. Captured. Caught.

Wufei’s mind ran out of synonyms.

“Off on another mission, Agent Chang?”

Maria tossed her head and smiled seductively. Her uniform shirt, which was unbuttoned in violation of regulation, showed off ample cleavage. He averted his eyes politely.

“Actually, I was on my way to records. If you’d excuse me --”

She was still blocking the entrance to the coffee alcove, hip cocked, all curves.

“Commander Une insists that all of the guards at the ball have escorts. You’re unattached, or so the office rumors say.”

I’m not Duo Maxwell, I’m not. I’m -- “They’re not rumors.”


Title: Reviresco
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Pairing/Characters: 04, 13
Challenge: Capture

He was pinioned, like a falcon with an arrow through its wings, by a pair of eyes.
Blue eyes.

Eyes he had never thought to see again.

“You’re not dead,” Quatre said.

“You’re not old enough to drink champagne,” Treize returned.

“The world mourned your passing, those who truly knew you.” Quatre sipped the sparkling golden liquid, blue eyes amused.

“Were I less of a man, I would mourn my survival.”

Quatre nodded. “Indeed.” He glanced at the dancers, musicians, stuck-up politicians. “I won’t tell them you’re here.”

Explosions rattled the doors.

Treize smiled. “In a moment, they’ll know.”
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